misskittykat21 (misskittykat21) wrote in linuxnewbies,


So...my name is Lindsey and I am new to linux. My husband has been using linux for years and since he has been in Iraq, he has been getting on his linux version of messenger. It has been crashing my messenger and the webcams haven't been working. So I made an openSuSE 11.0 live cd and then installed linux so I am now on a dual boot system. I am doing pretty good and had been doing pretty good with everything until I downloaded some of the updates openSuSE said were necessary. Well the issue is that knetwork will not connect to the wireless connection anymore. It was doing fine before I updated but now my world just stays grey no matter what i do and it won't connect even though it recognizes the pci card for the wireless internet and the router. Is there anyone who knows how to resolve this or had the same issue? Thanks for any help you can give me!
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