laura (professoryaffle) wrote in linuxnewbies,

commandline tab completion question

I have recently started at a new place of work and am faced with a new version of linux to work with

In my previous job the linux servers I would work on would tab complete environment variables which I found very useful

In my current job the linux servers don't seem to give tab completion on environment variables with either bash or tcsh

Is this an unusual feature

Is there anyway I can switch it on myself without having admin rights for the servers

its a really handy feature which I would like back

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Are you not able to tab complete anything?

ie, if you are in a directory *with files* and type

ls [tab] [tab]

what output do you get?

does it display the files? Does it tab the cursor forward twice?

Also, could you paste the output here of the following:

bash --version

as well as the output of:

uname -a

Deleted comment

Are you doing this in your home directory?


ls ~/ [tab][tab]

Tab completion results vary depending on directory permissions. So tab completion will work as expected in a directory you own, but won't in a directory that you don't have read access to/in.

Can you also paste the output of:

echo $PATH

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