barack lobster (downstraightup_) wrote in linuxnewbies,
barack lobster


im pretty much a failure at linux when anything happens out of the ordinary.

i got on my computer last night and i logged in and my loading screen was different and i was like "uh..."
when i get to my desktop, my wallpaper was gone and i had a notice saying something about my applet or task bar not working. nothing shows up on my tool bar and everything on my applet shows up write. everything i had defaulted isn't set up.

its almost like it updated (without telling me) and i turned off my computer off while it was doing it.
im using the kasbar so i can control all my windows, but it's so annoying because it doesn't tell me when my battery is dying (it's not a very good battery)

anyone have an idea as to what might have happened? or how to fix it?

(i run kubuntu that is at least a year old)
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