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My Freespire review

So, I decided to check out Freespire today. It's the community maintained offspring of Linspire. Built off of Ubuntu Fiesty and so has a Debian base. It comes with most necessary propiertary codecs/drivers/software or has easy access to it through it's CNR plugin. All legal and free for you. It has thousands of packages but I think it's limited comared to Ubuntu's repository even if Freespire uses some of the backports. It's easy you can search for it browse through selections of software. One click and it downloads and installs. CNR is working on crossing over Debian, Ubuntu, *spire, Linux Mint, Open Suse and Fedora. This is a good way to unify distros. It even allows you to purchase commercial software.

Freespire comes with KDE 3.5.6 as the desktop environment which is similar to Windows Explorer. I really like the default theme and icon set. Firefox which I soon after updated to 3 along with the usual plugins. It's got some special software such as Lsongs and many others are customized for *spire. Haven't noticed too many differences. I have a few programs that I like to use.

The install only took about 15 minutes before it was ready to use, including startup and a few quick settings such as date, time, resolution, language, network all of which were correct except resolution. It was simple and easy. Looked good, but didn't allow me to encrypt or have a separate /home partiton or anything other than / so I manually edited fstab right after logging in. It only allowed me to choose which filesystem I wanted. Normally I go with Ext3 but I decided to try ReiserFS this time.

I began using Lsong and it was okay. It took a long time to load my music library as I've about ~112GB and doesn't have a Last.fm plugin so I decided to use CNR to install Amarok. I installed a bunch of other programs such as Azureus, Wine, Skype, Frozen-Bubble, Pingus, Audacity and Beryl. Beryl doesn't work for some reason and I don't feel like trying to get it to, the effects/features that KDE has are all I need. Castpodder isn't avaible and neither is the newest version of Firefox you have to go to Mozilla.org for that. Couldn't get Kripper either. Maybe from source. I could always use K3b to rip CDs.

I would say this is good for novices and people migrating from Windows. It's good all you really need, looks good and it's easy and simple to use. For a more advanced user or someone with prior GNU/Linux experience I wouldn't recommend using this as a main OS but I'd go with Debian instead. I'm probably going to boot back into Ubuntu soon even though the KDE interface is nice.
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