barack lobster (downstraightup_) wrote in linuxnewbies,
barack lobster

it's me again

a while back i posted this
and i come back to you with the same problem.
jedi_diplomat suggested "It almost sounds like X didn't start correctly. That's happened to me once or twice. Um...I fix it by rebooting, or hitting Ctrl+Alt+F1 and then Ctrl+ALT=F7, which sometimes works when X freezes." but that didn't work.

i've gotten my applications and applets on my taskbar running again, but the actual windows aren't showing up.

the thing on top of my taskbar is the external task bar and my windows will show up there, but not on the bottom one.
the thing in the corner is the kasbar.

external task bar:


so all my windows appear there, but not on my real task bar and i can't figure out why. i had my dad take a look at it and he can't figure it out. i don't really know if it's something in konsole or what.

ideas? help?
keep in mind, i'm semi retarded and i ended up screwing up my kubuntu for awhile by trying to manually update it through konsole. so very detailed (easy) instructions would be so so lovely.
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