Tama-chan ♥ (moonchild10) wrote in linuxnewbies,
Tama-chan ♥

Firefox Update?

So, I've been using Linux for about a year, and I still fail at it absolutely in a way that has made countless people tell me "you're too stupid to use Linux, Danie" (which is not all that helpful). I really apologize if this entry makes everyone facepalm. I use Windows on my PC and I only have Linux on my laptop, which I only use for writing, so I haven't had much need to mess with the settings or update anything. I normally write using Google Docs, because I like to be able to work on a story between both computers. But recently, Google has announced that Google Docs is going to be phasing out support for older browsers. So, I downloaded the newer version of Firefox and... I have absolutely no idea where to go from there. Firefox-3.6.tar.bz2 is sitting there in my user files and I'm completely at a loss of what to do next.

If someone could help me through this moment of utter n00bishness, I'd appreciate it absolutely.
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